Key Holding

If your alarm is triggered at your business premises, or residential property during the night that could be a false alarm, it could be a fault or it could be a genuine break in. The issue is there may not be any way of knowing until you get there to check it out. At best this could be an inconvenience to go and check at 2 am or at worst, you could come face to face with burglars. If this isn’t something that you’re prepared to put yourself or your staff up for, then key holding is the perfect solution.

How does Key Holding services work?

By entrusting a full set of keys to Advanced monitoring, you can rest assured that if your intruder or fire alarm triggers during your closed hours or while you’re away from home, we dispatch instantly a response officer to conduct a full check. When the responding officer arrives at your premises or home, he or she will conduct a full external patrol looking for signs of an intrusion, if no obvious signs of intrusion can are present, the officer will access your keys from the vehicle safe and enter the premises.

Once inside your premises, the intruder alarm system will be disarmed and notes will be taken of the area that has caused the alarm, this area will then be fully patrolled to find the cause of the activation. If no obvious reason can be found for the activation, the sensor that has activated will be cleaned and the responding officer will rearm your intruder system and resecure your premises.

You will then receive an alarm response report by email detailing all actions taken by the responding officer, and all readings from the alarm panel.