Alarm Response

When you intruder or fire alarm activates, we dispatch a mobile response unit instantly to investigate the cause of the activation.

Upon arrival at your business premises or home, the responding officer will conduct a full external patrol, looking for signs of forced entry or fire. If no visible sign of forced entry or fire can be seen, the officer will enter your premises to integrate the alarm system.

All details displayed on the intruder or fire alarm system are recorded and the areas of concern are patrolled internally, looking for any cause of the alarm. If no obvious cause can be found the sensor will be cleaned and the alarm response officer will rearm your intruder system and resecure your premises or home.

The alarm response officer will then compile their detailed report on the activation, remaining on site for around 5 minutes to ensure the system rearms correctly and does not reactivate.

It’s worth noting that the only time we will call your key holders in the event of an actual break-in, as they will need to attend to inform the attending police officers of what items have been taken.